Pre-harvest news for our locations

Harvest is just around the corner and we would like to give all our valued patrons an update on this year’s safety precautions. It is our goal to keep you, your truckers, and our staff as safe as possible.

Driver procedures: Please let your drivers know that they will need to stay in their trucks at all times during unloading, unless there is a mechanical issue with the truck. In that case, we have instructed our employees to move out of the immediate area to let the driver fix whatever may be wrong. At all locations we will be opening the gates on your trucks to unload your grain.

Only at our LOMO (Lower Monumental) facility will drivers need to exit vehicles. When scaling in, the driver will need to pass the bill of lading through a mail slot we have installed in the door to the office, then retrieve the scale ticket through that same mail slot after scaling out.

Bruce moisture test sample change: At our Bruce location, the grower will hand the container through the window located in the scale room without entering the building.  At the probe, we ask that drivers un-tarp their own trailers.

Wheeler location update: We have recently installed a kiosk, card reader and intercom system at Wheeler. All growers intending to dump at Wheeler will need to receive a card, for each truck, to identify the account the grain will be delivered under.  Please contact us prior to harvest so we can mail these to you or arrange pickup. When scaling out, the truck will receive a weight ticket at the kiosk, used to track each load.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to anyone in the Wheeler office.

Kennewick upgrade: We are very excited about recent facility upgrades at Kennewick and think you will notice the difference this harvest. 

Reminder: When delivering grain to our Kennewick and LOMO facilities, all loads delivered must have a Bill of Lading (BOL) with the producer’s name, account number and type of wheat delivered.

  • Please fill out the this BOL form and mail or email to us so that we can get BOL’s to you before harvest.
  • Each producer is responsible for having the correct BOL with each load delivered. Make sure BOL’s have the correct commodity identified.
  • If you are using custom harvesting or trucking, please make sure they have a copy of the BOL to help cross reference loads delivered. 

Grades are usually available about 3-4 days after delivery depending on the number of samples at the USDA office. We will have those grades available to you just as soon as they are posted on the USDA website.

Other locations news: At the Moses Lake grain accounting office and other locations like Connell and Bruce, we have implemented additional safeguards. Please conduct as much business as possible over the phone or email.  You can find online account access at  Tasha Gentry would be happy to help you become familiar with the features it provides, such as yield reports by field. If it is not possible to handle business remotely, please contact our office in advance so we can be aware you are coming in.  We are limiting customers in our Wheeler office to one at a time to maintain distancing of 6 feet.  

Let us know if you have any changes to your accounts (split percentages, name or address changes), need a new account set up or new cards for your trucks. As we look forward to another successful harvest, please let us know if we can do anything to help make your harvest process go smoother!

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